By A.H. Bigwarfe

Angel of the Burning Night

A WW2 Historical Fiction

Kit LeRoux is a young American woman born of French and German parents. She is visiting her grandparents in France when the Nazis encroach upon Germany. Despite her parents urging to return to the United States, she chooses to stay in France and volunteers as a nurse and ambulance driver. She is quickly recruited by the underground network of the French Resistance because of her language skills, quick thinking, and bravery in an increasingly dangerous environment. 


A.H. Bigwarfe

A.H. Bigwarfe, Alexa Bigwarfe is pleased to be publishing her first WWII historical fiction. Her love of WWII stems from many avenues, beginning with a family history (her grandfather and great uncles served in both theaters of the war), her time spent living in both Germany and France as a child, a college student, and a young adult, and her service in the United States Air Force as an Intelligence Officer. She is especially impassioned by the events in Western Europe, and the roles played by women in the war. Her desire to feature strong female characters who literally kicked ass and took names doing it led to the development of her lead character, Kit LeRoux. Her book features many real-world characters, including a brief interaction with America’s most famous female spy, Virginia Hall. Alexa has written numerous works of non-fiction and helps other authors through their publishing journey through her business Write|Publish|Sell. She resides with her husband, 3 children, and giant puppy in Columbia, SC.